The Stumbling Block For Calvinists

“All Calvinists, whether they be Presbyterian or Reformed, Primitive Baptist or Sovereign Grace Baptist; all Calvinists, whether they be premillennial or amillennial, dispensational or covenant theologist; all Calvinists, whether they go by the name or not; all Calvinists have one thing in common: God, by a sovereign, eternal, decree, has determined before the foundation of the world who shall be saved and who shall be lost.  To obscure the real issue, a vocabulary has been invented to confuse and confound the Christian.  The arguments about supralapsarianism and infralapsarianism, total depravity an total inability, reprobation and preterition, synergism and monergism, free will and free agency, common grace and special grace, general calling and effectual calling, perseverance and preservation, and the sovereignty of God are all immaterial.  The stumbling block for the Calvinist is the simplicity of salvation, so upon rejecting this, a system has to be constructed whereby salvation is made a mysterious, arcane, incomprehensible, decree of God.”

– Laurence M. Vance, The Other Side of Calvinism (2007: Vance Publications, Pensacola, FL), p. 35

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