Calvinists Agree: God Decreed the Fall

“God not only foresaw the fall of the first man, and in him the ruin of his posterity; but also at His own pleasure arranged it … Though their perdition depends on the predestination of God, the cause and matter of it is in themselves … Man therefore falls, divine providence so ordaining, but he falls by his own fault.” 1

“Even the fall of Adam, and through him the fall of the race, was not by chance or accident, but was so ordained in the secret counsels of God.” 2

“Surely, if God had not willed the fall, He could, and no doubt would, have prevented it; but He did not prevent it: ergo He willed it. And if He willed it, He certainly decreed it” 3

“Plainly it was God’s will that sin should enter this world, otherwise it would not have entered, for nothing happens except what God has eternally decreed. Moreover, there was more than a simple permission, for God only permits things that fulfill His purpose.” 4

“Not only did God have a perfect foreknowledge of the outcome of Adam’s trial; not only did His omniscient eye see Adam eating of the forbidden fruit, but He decreed beforehand that he should do so.” 5

“Also, Calvinists often affirm that Adam was free before the Fall.  But again, I always speak of freedom relative to God, and from this perspective, I would say that Adam had no freedom whatsoever even before the Fall.  To be “free” from sin is irrelevant. The issue is whether Adam was free from God to choose to remain free from sin – he was not. In addition, I would not say that God permitted Adam to fall, but that God caused it.” 6


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One thought on “Calvinists Agree: God Decreed the Fall

  1. daswrite September 27, 2012 / 2:51 am

    By saying God caused adam to sin is wrong he knew that man will fall without Him. So he let him loose knowing he would fall. Hint the verses no one is good no one seeks for God etc… God knows how were going to sin without the holy spirit helping us not too He is letting us go not forcing my hand to pick up the apple and eating it but letting me do what I’m going to do as a sinner without the power of God

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