Calvinist: Arminianism is a False Gospel

“I hate false gospels… I really do. Every one of you out there who believes and loves the Gospel of Grace in the Lord Jesus Christ will stand in hatred with me. Nobody even remotely likes a teaching that takes the FREE GRACE of Jesus and twists it into a perverted form of self-righteousness under the guise of the gospel. That is the ultimate attack on God; but sadly it takes many forms. One of the things about these false gospels is that people are easily brought to believe their lies because they deceptively use the language of the true gospel to present themselves. For example the Roman Catholic Church teaches a form of works based salvation but if you talked to many Roman Catholics today, they would be shocked if you told them that. The Roman Catholic Church officially teaches salvation is solely by God’s grace. That’s all fine and dandy – and to that no true believer will disagree. What many people don’t realize about the Pope’s teachings, however, is that they also teach that God declares a person saved based on what He’s doing in that person by grace. It’s a deceptive form of works based salvation because people look inside of themselves rather than outside of themselves to Christ alone as the basis of salvation.

I rejoice today that many people who call themselves “reformed” or “Calvinistic” recognize the deceptive and perverse gospel of the Roman Catholic Church and refuse to give people caught up in that system of lies any assurance in their salvation. To pray, worship, or extend fellowship to a Roman Catholic is to willingly give assurance of salvation to a person who has no knowledge of grace by justification through faith in Christ alone. Although there are many Calvinists who recognize the errors of the Roman Catholic Church and refuse to extend fellowship to Roman Catholics, many of these same people fail to make the same discernment concerning another deadly and deceptive religion. The mistake they make is they fail to treat Arminianism/Free Willism the same way they treat Roman Catholicism.” (Bold emphasis added)

– Brandon Kraft, Should We Give Arminians Assurance of Salvation? p. 1

2 thoughts on “Calvinist: Arminianism is a False Gospel

  1. Dr David M Berman November 2, 2014 / 2:26 am

    I find it very sad that many Calvinists believe that those who do not agree with limited atonement are somehow not Christian. If you want to hold to the Augustinian view feel free to. However I dot believe we are not brothers.

  2. Arminian December 10, 2014 / 12:21 pm


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