Calvinist: Arminianism is the Secular Man’s Salvation

“Arminianism was a form of Pelagianism that was not as extreme as Pelagianism, but more subtly destructive.  Pelagianism denied the fall of Adam as affecting men in any way. Arminianism did not go to that extreme, but did say men were not completely dead in sin. In both views, though, men work for their salvation by coming, of their own accord, to Christ, on their own strength, and they “decide” to follow Jesus.  Grace is good, and grace is helpful, but it is man that actually makes the difference… Arminianism, like its father Pelagianism, is the secular man’s salvation… Is the “god” of Arminianism the God of the Bible?  No.  Arminius did not plagiarize the bible; instead, he fabricated a brand new deity, or idol, for men to worship. The “god” of Arminianism is not the God of the Bible.  For Arminius’ “god” loves everyone equally, and sent his “Son” to die for all men equally.”

– C. Matthew McMahon, The ‘god’ of Arminianism is Not Worshippable


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