Against Calvinism, by Roger E. Olson

Against Once Saved Always Saved: Refuting the Doctrine of Unconditional Eternal Security, by Jason Kerrigan

Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities, by Roger E. Olson

Chosen But Free, by Norman Geisler (Geisler is a moderate Calvinist)

Classical Arminianism, by F. Leroy Forlines

Debating Calvinism: Five Points, Two Views, by Dave Hunt and James White

Divine Foreknowledge: Four Views

Elect in the Son: A Study of the Doctrine of Election, by Robert Shank

Four Views on Divine Providence

Four Views on Eternal Security

Getting the Gospel Right: A Balanced View of Salvation Truth, by C. Gordon Olson

Grace, Faith, and Free Will, by Robert E. Picirilli

Hyper-Grace: Exposing the Dangers of the Modern Grace Message, by Michael L. Brown

Life in the Son: A Study of the Doctrine of Perseverance, by Robert Shank

Once Saved, Always Saved? A Study in Perseverance and Inheritance, by David Pawson

Perspectives on Election: Five Views

Predestination and Free Will: Four Views

Salvation and Sovereignty: A Molinist Approach, by Kenneth Keathley

The Believer’s Conditional Security, by Dan Corner

The Essential Works of John Wesley

The Faith of God’s Elect, by John F. Parkinson

The Grace of God and the Will of Man, by Clark H. Pinnock (Gen. Ed.)

The New Chosen People: A Corporate View of Election, by William Klein

The Only Wise God: The Compatibility Between Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom, by William Lane Craig

The Other Side of Calvinism, by Laurence M. Vance

The Quest For Truth, by F. Leroy Forlines

The Works of James Arminius

Unconditional Eternal Security: Yea, Hath God Said?, by David Cassady

What Love is This? Calvinism’s Misrepresentation of God, by Dave Hunt (Hunt claims the title of ‘non-Calvinist’)

Whosoever Will: A Biblical-Theological Critique of Five Point Calvinism, by David Allen and Steve Lemke

Why I Am Not A Calvinist, by Jerry Walls and Joseph Dongell

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