Quotable Quotes

Baxter: If Christ Died For All, Why Are Not All Saved?

Calvinist: Arminianism is a Damnable Heresy

Calvinist: Arminianism is a Debasement of the Gospel

Calvinist: Arminianism is a False Gospel

Calvinist: Arminianism is the Secular Man’s Salvation

Calvinists Agree: God Decreed the Fall

Charles Stanley: God Will Save Unbelievers

Cheung: Man Has No Freedom Whatsoever

Cheung: ‘Permission’ is Nonsense; God is the Author of Sin and Evil

Cheung: There is No Sincere Offer of the Gospel

Christianity is a Process

Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom

Divine Sovereignty and Human Freedom

Engelsma: Calvinism is the Gospel

Extreme Calvinism and Blaming God for Evil

Forlines on Free Will

Good Point

If Jesus Were a Calvinist…

Jerry Walls: What Does the Love of God Profit a Man (If Calvinism is True)?

MacLean (Calvinist) on Arminianism

Olson on Calvinistic Permission

Pink: The Fall Did Not Affect the Elect

Prevenient Grace

Robert Shank on Calvinism and the Warning Passages of Scripture

R.T. Kendall on Once Saved, Always Saved

Ryle on Repentance

Spurgeon on the Folly of Regeneration Preceding Faith

Steve Lemke: Does Human Choice Contribute Anything to Salvation?

The Stumbling Block for Calvinists

Tozer: Men Are Free… And Bound

Tozer: What is Faith?

Wesley on Calvinism and Evangelism

Wesley on Human Freedom

W.G.T. Shedd on God’s Desire for All to be Saved

William Lane Craig on Romans 9

William Lane Craig on Universal, Divine, Causal Determinism

‘World’ Equals ‘Elect’?

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