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One thought on “Satire

  1. kingswoodhart May 23, 2014 / 5:33 pm

    Hi, I have a relatively new blog that I thought you might be interested in sharing on your site. I’m doing a series of posts on the “New Calvinist Bible”. It’s written in a satirical style from the perspective of a Calvinist who wants to make the Bible even more Calvinist than he thinks it is already. It contains revised biblical texts to actually make them Calvinist. The idea is to show that many changes need to be made!

    I’d be delighted to get some publicity for it as I think only about two people have seen the blog so far! Feel free to link to the entries. I have some more posts in the series to follow too.

    The first post in the series is here:
    The bottom of the post contains a link to the next in the series, etc.

    In Christ,

    Kingswood Hart

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